Why to read poetry?

Don't think much, just read'em you will surely enjoy. Otherwise leave it.
Here's our creative and practical team. A team of two.
Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar

Web Development

Loves sketching, Photography, Poems.
Living life at it's fullest possibility.

Saumya Anand

Saumya Anand


Writes deep relatable lines.


Here's posting some innocent relatable poetry and some educational stuffs.

Majestic Life

Life is short. Explore every dimension in your shorts! You feeling boredom? Integrate your senses, world’s a Stardom. You panic? Calm down, you’re not in Titanic. You aggressive? Lookout for nature, it’s very impressive. There’s Read more…


Throw all the things which are related to our memories Forget those time we had spend together to create memories . But is it possible to delete the memories once created by heart This proves Read more…

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